Tuesday, 24 September 2013

And the winner is...

So as mentioned the other day, we’ve had a Lego building competition running, just for fun, over at Eurogamer.  In a nutshell, someone decides a theme on a Monday and you have until 8pm on Sunday night to post a photo (or photos) of your creation.

Whoever sets the challenge decides the winner, and then off we go again.

I set the first challenge, which was to build a Lego Spacecraft, and the entries were wide ranging, but uniformly excellent.

First out of the blocks was Nexus_6, with a mini-scale, but epic sized craft…

Nexus_6's oil refinery in space

ZuluHero was next, with a few work in progress shots of a one-man (minifig!) Scout ship…

ZuluHero's Scout ship

Carlo took a different approach entirely, and went for a full blown spaceship, and threw in the launch pad for good measure…

Carlo's Spaceship & launchpad

More photos here.

Tonka went down yet another route, and went micro-scale.  I love the jet streams (?) coming from the engines…

Tonka's ship.  Small is beautiful.

More pics here.

motti82 went for ‘small but perfectly formed (and big enough to have a minifig pilot)…

motti82's one-minifig ship

And there are more pics of motti82's ship here.

Plant came up with a none-more-black Police cruiser…

"Do you realise you were doing point three past lightspeed, sir?"

More of Plant's creation here.

But in the end, ZuluHero won the day with his completed one man Scout ship.

We have a winner!


Congrats, ZuluHero!

Results could have been different in Flying_Pig hadn’t missed the deadline, as he came up with an epic effort…

Flying_Pig's multi-part epic!

See more of F_P's ship here.

Great fun all round, and it has inspired me to do a bit better this week.

Which also sounds like fun, as ZuluHero has chosen a theme of...


Bring it on!

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